How to Mix a Lime Sweet & Sour Vodka Drink

How to Mix a Lime Sweet & Sour Vodka Drink
What you will need:

1. Mr & Mrs T Sweet & Sour Mix
2. Lime Vodka (you can use regular vodka also, lime just gives an extra kick!)
3. Squirt (Squirt is best, but you can substitute Sprite)
4. 12 oz. glass
5. cubed or crushed ice.
Get your 12 oz glass and put in some cubed or crushed ice (I usually put in a couple ice cubes, or some crushed ice for slushy consistency).

Then add 1 1/2 ounces (equal to 1 1/2 shots) of lime vodka (or substitute with regular vodka).

Mix in 2 ounces (2 shots) of Mr.& Mrs. T' s Sweet & Sour Mix.

Next pour in approximately half a can of Squirt(a substitution is Sprite).
Stir with a straw, spoon, or knife.
Then serve and drink-up!!!

Vodka Lime Sugar Ice Drinks : LIME VODKA SLUSH

Vodka Lime Sugar Ice Drinks : LIME VODKA SLUSH

Ingredients :
To prepare this slushy vodka lime sugar ice variation, you will need a large one gallon beverage jug that is freezer safe, a 10 ounce bottle of lime vodka, 14 ounces or 2 canr of frozen lemonade, 3 cups of water, and a 2 liter bottle of a lemon-lime soda.

Vodka Lime Instructions :

1. Mix all of the ingredients in the large freezer-safe beverage jug, and put in the freezer.
2. Stir once every half-hour through the freezing process.
3. Serve when it is thick and slushy in texture.

Enjoy the Lime vodka slush ! Refreshing !


How to Make a Sweet Vodka Lime Drink

How to Make a Sweet Vodka Lime Drink
Ingredients :
  • vodka,
  • lime,
  • sugar, and
  • ice.
Vodka Lime Instructions

1.First of all rub a cut up lime over the edge of a glass and dip in sugar. Serve vodka in that glass over crushed ice.
2.Similar to step 1, you rub a lime over the edge of a glass, but dip the glass in half sugar and half salt. Add ice, grapefruit juice, and vodka.
3.And then put 2 lime wedges in a glass and smash. You can remove the lime wedges or leave them in. Put a tablespoon of sugar in the glass and cover with ice and vodka.
4.Mix lime juice, cherry juice, sugar, and club soda to create a limeade. Serve over ice with vodka.
5.Mix 1 ounce Vodka, 1 ounce of lime juice, and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Serve over ice. enjoy the vodka lime sugar ice !
brazilian-lime-vodka sugar ice